Saturday, June 4, 2011

Modifying Web.Config file and IIS Reset

What do you think changing in web.config file reset the IIS? Are you sure??

When you say IIS RESET do you know IIS Reset stops and restarts the entire web server
Lets take a look at IIS.
In IIS you can create multiple websites, application pools. You can run multiple applications under one application pool. Now think in your IIS you have so many applications running, and you just modified one of your application web.config file and if you are thinking modifying web.config file reset the IIS then that means you have impacted all the applications running on the IIS server, is that really making sense??

The Answer to the above question is NO, it doesn't reset the IIS when you modify web.config file of your application.Editing the web.config in a web application only affects that web application (recycles just that app), so it doesn't require to reset the IIS, it just impact that particular application and reload the app domain. And if you are recycling an app pool that will only affect applications running in that app pool. But Editing the machine.config on the machine will recycle all app pools running.

Another question is when you change/update dlls/drop new dlls in the bin directory of your web application, is that will reset IIS?? Again the answer is NO, it doesn't reset the IIS. IIS monitors the /bin directory of your application. Whenever a change is detected in dlls, it will recycle the app and re-load the new dlls.

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